Make One and Be Done

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New Artwork form my upcoming show at Indian Hill Imageworks, Opening October 9 from 5-7 pm.

  • Hand-held negative pinhole image printed on hand-made Bhutan Mitsumata Thick White paper as a d’Vinci Noir Print
  • Edition size: one.
  • Image size: 22″ x 32″

New Articles on Figital Revolution

I am currently working on three new articles:

  1. Getting the most from scanning film.
  2. Off center focus on rangefinder cameras. 
  3. Infinity focus- is it the best?

These and of course a Rant or two will be released in the coming days.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

New Artwork:


Old and New, Spring, Vermont. 2009
Capture: Leica M7 with a 90mm Elmarit Lens
Overlapping Panoramic Frame Technique (3x)
Film: Kodak Ektar 
Printed on Fabriano 640 GSM Rough, d’Vinci Print
Posted image is a quick digital capture of the actual print on Fabriano Rough.
Edition Size: One
Copyright Stephen Schaub 2009

The One Minute Rant – No Photoshop Used


The sixth installment of the One Minute Rant. Each audio is one minute or less and focuses on a very specific topic to engage readers here on the FR to comment and start a dialogue! Just click on the RANT logo to listen.

Putting It All Together

Everything I post here on the Figital Revolution is- in one way or another- part of a test I am running for my own Artworks, or for a client at Indian Hill Imageworks. Over the last few months I have been testing the Olympus XA, the LOMO LCA, the Olympus XA 4, Kodak Ektar 100, alternative printing paper, perfecting my carry solution (BBB) and new methods for hanging artwork. Now it is time to put everything into action! I am leaving for Italy italianflagin a few days (note the Italian Flag) and all of the works and testing will finally get full use. Below is a new image I just made called Winter Leaves, Vermont. 2009. It is made using the Olympus XA 4 using an in-camera multi exposure, overlapping-negative technique I have been refining for the last few months. The film: Kodak Ektar 100…I am taking 40 rolls of it with me to Italy! The paper/ image: printed on an uncoated sheet of Arches Rough 22″ x 30″, 640 gsm as a d’Vinci Print (12 color).

Note: I am about to test a similar style paper with some different sizing properties made by Fabriano… since my new  artworks will be from Italy it only seemed right to look at Italian paper. Hey, they’ve been making paper for over 700 years… they have to be doing something right!

Winter Leaves, Pawlet, Vermont. 2009

Winter Leaves, Vermont. 2009
Edition size: One
Image Size: 25″ x 9″
Paper Size: 22″ x 30″
Copyright Stephen M. Schaub 2009

Install View

Installation View

Finally, I will be working on additional articles while traveling so get ready for new and exciting things here on FR once I return.





Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Beyond the Frame and Glass: Alternative Print Display Solutions

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In this audio blog I give examples of multiple options for the display of photographic artworks beyond just a frame and glass. Given the current economic crisis, the tightening of clients budgets, and the ever-increasing cost of materials, these alternative print display solutions are a great option to consider for any fine art photographer requiring a modern presentation and an affordable price tag.



Pin Clips

T- Pins… available at most craft stores.

Neodymium Micro Magnets

Magic Tape Velcro

The New Kodak TMAX 400 (TMY-2) – Pushed to 1600, Processed in XTOL!

New Tmax 400 Box

As promised here is a sample image (my wife Eve Ogden Schaub of Life=Art) in Puerto Rico pushing the new TMY-2 (Tmax 400) to an E.I. of 1600 and processed in Xtol Straight using Kodak’s suggested time/ temp . The light was very, very low as even at an E.I. of 1600 my exposure was still 1/8 at F1.4 (hand-held.) The image was made with a Leica M7 with a 50mm Summilux.

So what are my thoughts????


Please note: click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

1. Of course there is more grain than the 400 speed test I posted a few days ago (click here) but not a lot considering this is a 2 stop push! It is not as crisp and lacks some fine image detail as the other test image had due to the increased grain and I am sure the slow shutter speed and the f1.4 working f stop ( I do the best I can, but on 10 shots of espresso a day what do you expect?)

2. Good shadow detail and the highlights still have nice separation especially considering the light source.

3. Easy to scan- no problems with excessive contrast or anything…the scan was as easy as my last test scan. (Scanned on an Imacon Scanner at 3200 dpi, 16 Bit, wet mount, no sharpening.)

So what does this mean??? Where do we (I) go from here?

Well I for one will shoot this film as my NEW primary film at box speed (400) – but it is nice to know that in a pinch I can push this film to meet my needs no matter what they are… I am going to continue my exploration of different developers (stay tuned!!) for this film, but for now- Xtol works fine. Once again in my opinion – Kudos to Kodak! (It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to say that twice in one week!)

Image Copyright Stephen M. Schaub 2008

Confession of a Bagaholic

AudioBlog LogoOk, I admit it…I’m a bag (camera bag) aholic. Are you?This audioblog seeks to give an answer to this “condition” that plagues photographers everywhere. How should you carry your gear? Why do camera bags suck? What is the best way to carry your gear for travel photography?  All of these and more are considered and answered in this therapeutic audioblog. The images below are referenced in this audioblog so give a listen and let the healing begin. To order the bag seen below (does not include insert) call: Iomar Perez in Puerto Rico at 787.612.6862.

To order a Y Strap just click on the link.


The Economy of Art

The Economy of Art? Why, Money! Fame. Money. More Money!!


The Economy of Art in this case refers to the amount of art you show- or rather- how much you don’t show. Look at it like this: why show 30 or 40 prints when 20 is enough, and probably represents a stronger, more concise body of work…30 is sure to confuse your viewer. Ever wonder why most galleries want to see only 20 images or fewer for review?

1. It represents the maximum amount of time they are willing to spend on reviewing your work for consideration.
2. It tells the gallery that you know how to edit your own work and thus have an idea about what your work is about.
3. It keeps their editing focused on a tight body of work and helps them decide- fairly quickly- if you suck or not.

So keep this in mind when you are submitting work to a gallery or assembling a show of your works…LESS IS MORE!

And taking my own advice… Nuff said.

Photo Expo…Same old, same old

By Stephen M. Schaub

Yesterday was a marathon trek from Vermont to NYC and back to witness first hand Photo Expo 2007. Was it worth it? Am I a changed person? Are my images now sharper?

In one word, NO.

Some new products that are worth mentioning (note how small the list is):

New E3 by Olympus and new lenses by Olympus
New Satin Canvas by IJ Technologies

That’s about it for things new and worthy. Much of the show was a rehash of PMA from last winter. Sure there were new systems from Nikon and Canon and tweaks to current software and stuff but nothing earth shattering. Everyone I met kept asking “have you seen anything good- anything new?” Universal answer- NO.

It seems to me that the industry (The Photo Industrial Complex) is suffering from the recoil effect of the last few years…when there is huge growth there is always a healthy contraction for a breather. Lets hope that accompanied with this breather is a bit of long term planning or else we may find ourselves very soon on a respirator!

I also notice that several companies had come out with or were about to launch in the coming months cheaper versions of their current products…is this to strike a new market, or to help keep their current and now impoverished one? You decide.

I know there will be web sites proclaiming this amazing new gizmo or that fantastic new optic but in the end the best part about expo for me was chance to reconnect with some friends and just talk.