Make One and Be Done

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New Artwork form my upcoming show at Indian Hill Imageworks, Opening October 9 from 5-7 pm.

  • Hand-held negative pinhole image printed on hand-made Bhutan Mitsumata Thick White paper as a d’Vinci Noir Print
  • Edition size: one.
  • Image size: 22″ x 32″

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful work Stephen, dreamy, painterly, haunting. The image, the long exposure and the choice of the hand made paper work extremely well together. I love that you leave no margins, somehow it would break the narrative of the image…. out of curiosity, which pinhole camera, film and how long the exposure? I really love it; good luck at the opening… maro

  2. Dan

    Intriguing, but scary. It does make a lot of sense to just make a single copy though. Do you keep a digital reference copy though or small paper reference copy?

    Love this image!

  3. F. Hunt

    Very interesting but you are working in a print medium not a painting medium. The negative or digital film is like the plate which can be re-used at any given time. German Expressionist prints were re-struck in the 1970s. What would prevent someone from coming along after you lost control with your files or negatives and reprinted the images? What would a photographic retrospective look like? How would a book be produced? Futhermore, is the print more valuable is produced by the artist, or under the artists supervision, signed or unsigned?

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