Target Practice!

Click to download…. big file!


Just how good is your printer/ icc profile? This target represents what should be printable by a good calibrated printer. Try it out- it will provide some helpful insight into the quality of your profile (icc) and give you a better understanding of your selected papers Print Surface Resolution index (PSR).

This target is intended only for personal use. 

What to look for. No breaks in the color bands or quick ramp on either end…should start and finish very smooth. The color rainbows (Granger Charts) are really not printable (perfectly at least) but they should be as smooth as possible with no breaks or jumps. The resolution target (look at with 4x print loupe) and with the unaided eye…how low can YOU go? The grayscale ramp should show separation from 100% -0 – the last patch just before black should be visible…also check for dots in the lightest patches: dots are BAD. The greyscale image should be neutral with amazing tonality and the Depot image should have detail on the floor in the door and back room.

NOTE: Most of these images are from 2009… top B&W is a 120 Fuji Acros film shot with a Rollei TLR F2.8. The Depot image was made with a Canon digital camera, I owned for a brief dark time. I have updated the target now here in 2022 to reflect what modern printers and good paper should be able to hit… or at least get close to. The file is set to 1440 dpi— at this resolution you are printing dot for dot and eliminate in most printers any upsampling. You could also run a version at 360, 480 and 960 dpi and see if you can spot a difference… 1440 should be the sharpest. Printer icc. resolution should be set to 1440 for Matte and 2880 if possible for Gloss, but this of course depends on your printer icc profile.

Viva la Revolution- Steve