Net Neutrality

This is very important… yes the message is delivered with humor- but if Net Neutrality ends so will the internet as we know it…

Call your representative and get involved… the internet is perhaps the greatest gift the American people have given to the world so let’s not fuck it up now…

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Pinhole Film Tests With ORTHOTOPOSCOPE SS Camera

Running a test with my new ORTHOTOPOSCOPE SS camera (6×12) and a non optimized pinhole of around F70 (optimized is around F130 for the 25mm focal length). I am looking at the following films with EI from approx 100-1600 all in developers I have found that works best for maximum compensation and best overall tonality with each specific film. Reciprocity corrections were kept to just a gerous doubling to time— with this type of camera and work I like to keep it simple if possible. Exposures ranged from 1 second to 30 seconds all handheld as that is my standard way of shooting with a pinhole system.

  • 400TX • Diafine
  • 400Tmax • 510 Pyro
  • Delta 3200 • 510 Pyro
  • Fuji 400CN • C41
  • Portra 400 • C41
  • CineStill 800T • C41

All test results will be converted to B&W as that is my current need with these materials.

UPDATE: So I’ve looked at the film and I am very drawn to the Porta 400 and VERY drawn to the Cinestill 800T when both are converted to B&W. The regular B&W film was amazing but due to the pinhole capture I had a lot more range of possibilities in the conversion process that really helped to bring out crazy tonal separation in the two color negative materials.

eBay Items

I have a few Items I am selling off this fall that need a good home, kills me to see them sitting in my safe unused….


Zork Tilt Swing Lens Nikon or M43

Cooke PS945 Portrait Lens for 4×5

Billingham Eventer Bag

Viva la Revolution- Steve


Schaub Artworks at the Kent Museum

Very excited about this upcoming show at the Kent Museum…. for more information click on the image: 

If you have never been to the KENT Museum it is an amazing space in one of the most beautiful settings… it’s a must visit! — at The Kent Museum.


Workshops and Printing with Stephen Schaub

I am very excited to now offer 3 different levels of workshops as well as d’Vinci Noir printing here at Indian Hill Imageworks… please click on the link to learn more!









Viva la Revolution- Stephen