Motion Pictures- Schaub Exhibition at Helmholz Fine Art

Helmholz Fine Art is proud to present Motion Pictures, a new solo show by artist Stephen Schaub, featuring a suite of brand new works on a monumental scale, running from July 10th to July 18th

In a special one-night only event July 15 from 5:00 to 7:30pm Schaub will give a short presentation on the body of work which utilizes ground-breaking techniques of his own invention.

These unique, one-of-a-kind images explore themes of perception,memory, and the passage of time. Planes of focus shift, subjects come forward and recede. Much like the works of cubism and pointillism, one experiences the artworks differently depending on one’s vantage point.Schaub’s artworks have been described as “art dreaming about itself.”


LIFE=ART is an ongoing conversation about what it means to live life as a creative person. Lifelong Persistent Creative Types, artist Stephen Schaub and his wife, author Eve Schaub advocate for the embrace of art in every aspect of life, and the appreciation and support of living artists particularly. Art makes life worth living.


Life Equals Art… LIVES!! Some of you out there who go waaaaay back may recall a website I ran for a while which went by this name. Now, the time has come for it to rise from the ashes, this time as a platform for discussion of The Creative Life. Also contributing is my uber-talented wife, author Eve O. Schaub. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Viva la Revolution-


Back from England

Back from a great trip to England/ the Cotswolds… film is now processed (LOVE 510 PRYO!) Stay tuned for my thoughts on this adventure and upcoming shows and events this summer and fall.

Viva la Revolution- Steve



Should Art be Free— Thought for the Day

Art should not be free. In days past you had to pay a price to view Art- most Art was for the church- and they demanded your very soul 😉 Modern visual artists give everything away for likes online, which is crazy. Movies are not free, concerts are not free, books are not free, plays are not free. When artists endlessly post our images online it devalues you as an artist and gives you a false sense of success. So here’s my thought for the day: Promotion is one thing but limitless sharing of your work is just bad business.

Figital Revolution Visits The UK

That’s right… heading to the UK on Friday April 14 for just over a week of travel and making work for upcoming shows. Will be in the northern Cotswolds area for most of my time SOooooo if you are in that neck of the woods (Ilmington area) let me know and we can try to set up a chat or at least a pint at the pub.

Viva la Revolution- Steve