Figital Revolution Visits The UK

That’s right… heading to the UK on Friday April 14 for just over a week of travel and making work for upcoming shows. Will be in the northern Cotswolds area for most of my time SOooooo if you are in that neck of the woods (Ilmington area) let me know and we can try to set up a chat or at least a pint at the pub.

Viva la Revolution- Steve


Test Film with 510 Pyro

Testing 8 different films, all 120 in a stand development 1:500 in 510 Pyro Developer… film was exposed at +3, +2, +1, Box Speed, -1 and -2 to see developer / film latitude combination… have seen some pretty amazing results with this developer…. more later…. (Films Tested: Rollei RPX 400, Bergger Pancro 400, Ilford HP5+, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford Pan F+, Ilford FP4+, Fomapan 100 and Kodak 400TX ).

Many thanks to my friend Dan for introducing me to this developer and to Jay DeFehr on getting this up and running and for being such a helpful source of knowledge.

Viva la Revolution- Steve


Ilford XP2 Super VS Fuji Neopan 400CN

So…. I did a film test recently that begs the question: is Fuji Neopan 400CN really just rebranded Ilford XP2 Super? This is my opinion, but it sure looks like it to me! Both films are best at EI 200 and have a very usable range from EI 50-640.

Look at the histogram- they are virtually identical! So very close, shot only a few minutes apart, any difference is attributable to the changing light outside. Hey- I still like XP2 Super… and it’s nice to know that when in the UK or Japan the 400CN is a go-to option as well.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Let The Film Testing Begin

I am heading to the Cotswolds (UK) in just over a week and running one last set of tests over the next few days…. looking at chromogenic B&W films (and converted Portra 400) compared to traditional B&W films processed in Pyro 510 (stand development)… all for the purposes of scanning.

Stay tuned!

PS- and yes that is Fuji Neopan 400CN… very hard to get here in the USA as it is not imported… made by Ilford for Fuji, based on XP2 Super but it is a different film made to Fuji Specs… time will tell.

BERGGER Pancro 400 • 120 Film Mini Review

I have been a fan of BERGGER films off and on now for well over a decade. Since it was released a few years ago, the 4×5 Pancro 400 has been a go-to film for my large format work. So, of course, the announcement back in September 2016 that Pancro 400 would also be released in 120 and 35mm had me REALLY excited.

After some delays the film in these new formats has now been released and I have started testing the 120 version in my Noblex 150UX. As you can see below, I have been testing in 3 different developers: PMK, Rodinal 1+25 and Caffenol (in-house recipe). (The PMK and Rodinal times and temps are directly from BERGGER-supplied information and appear to be spot on.)




Some initial thoughts on this film in 120 format:

1. Rate the film at 320 for PMK and Rodinal.

2. Very nice highlight and contrast control– even under extreme conditions like the test above.

3. Grain is softer than 400TX and not as fine.

4. Can be exposed at EI 100-800 with very good results in the developers tested.

5. Biggest drawback? At this date it is not available in the USA in smaller formats (35mm and 120), I had to order from the EU.

So- is it worth switching from 400TX or HP5+ to this film? It depends. The rendering is a very classic film look, very silver-rich, very different from a lot of other modern films on the market. If that sounds appealing to you, I highly recommend going the extra mile, ordering the film from Europe and doing a side by side and seeing for yourself. For my own part, I am glad now to add the Pancro 400 in my medium format repertoire.

Viva la Revolution-


Link to BERGGER Pancro 400 Data Sheet