eBay Items

I have a few Items I am selling off this fall that need a good home, kills me to see them sitting in my safe unused….



Zork Tilt Swing Lens Nikon or M43


Cooke PS945 Portrait Lens for 4×5


Billingham Eventer Bag


Viva la Revolution- Steve


Schaub Artworks at the Kent Museum

Very excited about this upcoming show at the Kent Museum…. for more information click on the image: 

If you have never been to the KENT Museum it is an amazing space in one of the most beautiful settings… it’s a must visit! — at The Kent Museum.


Workshops and Printing with Stephen Schaub

I am very excited to now offer 3 different levels of workshops as well as d’Vinci Noir printing here at Indian Hill Imageworks… please click on the link to learn more!









Viva la Revolution- Stephen