Ferrania Film Survey

Take 5 minutes and do this survey now! I have contacted Ferrania and hope to be involved with this project in some way… I have lots of info and thoughts to share. If anyone knows people at Ferrania please send them my way.


Also, check out this great movie on film production at Ferrania.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen


Scanners The Achilles Heel Part 2

Click on the audio logo to listen to a brief rant on the future of film scanners… Part 2!! As mentioned in the audio, contact Kodak and let them know you want your $500 dedicated film scanner now! Also, if you went to a photographic institution- such as RIT (Rochester Institue of Technology) or SCAD (Savannah School of Art and Design)- please send this information to them as well… this directly effects the choices their students will have as working photographers.

LINK TO PART 1: Scanners The Achilles Heel

PS-Two great methods to let your voice be heard on this important topic:

Kodak CMO Jeffery Hayzlett on Twitter: @JeffreyHayzlett

Kodak Scanner Email Contact: kprodigital@kodak.com

If you can, do both!…let your voice be heard!… remember it is our medium! Please reference this article and the $500 dedicated film scanner in both your tweets and in your emails… pass this along to as many photographers as you know…if you get it as a tweet… retweet it and pass it on!

Stephen Schaub Interview on Inside Analog Photo Radio… Part 2

iap_logo_blogClick on the Inside Analog Photo logo to listen to a 55 minute interview of Stephen Schaub (yours truly) on all topics photography.

Interview by Scott Sheppard

How Film is Made… Then and Now at Kodak

Click to Watch 1958 Movie on Kodak Film


Click on the Audio Blog logo to listen to a 5 minute discussion on film production today at Kodak and how it has changed from the above video from 1958 “How Film Is Made… for your camera“. The audio references my recent trip to Eastman Kodak and a white light tour of Bldg. 38 where all films made by Kodak are produced from Ektar to TX to motion picture. The video below is of our group getting ready for the tour.

Kodak bldg38 from Google Map
Kodak bldg38 from Google Map

Inside Analog Photo Interview of Stephen Schaub


Click on the Inside Analog Photo icon to listen to a 37 minute interview of yours truly on a wide range of topics including: film, scanning, printing, and thoughts on the hybrid workflow. Interview is by Scott Sheppard, Executive Producer/ Anchor Inside Analog Photo.

You can also download the podcast at itunes… here is the direct link:


Viva la Revolution- Stephen