The PinZonie Universe – Part 1

The PinZonie is a modern interpretation of  historic imaging solutions: the Pinhole and Zone Plate. An exciting collaborative project between Matt Abelson of Abelson Scope Works and Stephen Schaub of the Figital Revolution, the PinZonie is a must-have creative tool for the alt-process photographer. For more information click on the PinZonie or visit

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Inside Analog Photo Interview of Stephen Schaub


Click on the Inside Analog Photo icon to listen to a 37 minute interview of yours truly on a wide range of topics including: film, scanning, printing, and thoughts on the hybrid workflow. Interview is by Scott Sheppard, Executive Producer/ Anchor Inside Analog Photo.

You can also download the podcast at itunes… here is the direct link:

Viva la Revolution- Stephen