Test Drive Kodak Ektar 4×5 Now!

I have one box of 10 sheets 4” x 5” of the new Kodak Ektar left over from my test / review here on FR and I have decided to try something new and exciting! Let me know why I should send this box to YOU…

  • In 50 words or less in the comment section of this post tell me why you would like this box of Kodak Ektar 4” x 5” film… if you have a web project you would like me to look at for examples just post that in the comment section as well.
  • On Sunday March 28, 2010 at 6PM EST I will close the “contest” and I will read all posts and decided which lucky photographer will get this box of Kodak Ektar 4” x 5” film.
  • I will contact the “winner” on Sunday night to get your postal mailing address… I will pay the postage USPS Priority Mail. This contest is available to any photographer world-wide who shoots 4” x 5”.
  • Once you have shot the film and processed it (afraid you have to pay for this part) all I ask is that you send in to FR a scan or two of your favorite images with a brief summary of your thoughts and I will post them here on FR!

Just for clarification… I have no relationship with Kodak and this “contest” is entirely my idea. If your photographs suck with this film I am not responsible for their suckiness. No animals, reptiles, or small household appliances were injured in the making of this “contest.” Please only send images that can be posted on FR without a mandatory visit from the FBI to my door.

I hope in the future to make this a regular thing here on FR where, once a review is completed, I can share the balance of materials for further valuable input from comrades here on FR.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Inside Analog Photo Interview of Stephen Schaub


Click on the Inside Analog Photo icon to listen to a 37 minute interview of yours truly on a wide range of topics including: film, scanning, printing, and thoughts on the hybrid workflow. Interview is by Scott Sheppard, Executive Producer/ Anchor Inside Analog Photo.

You can also download the podcast at itunes… here is the direct link:


Viva la Revolution- Stephen