Kodak Ektar 4″ x 5″ Film Test and Review

As promised here is  quick test and review of the new Kodak Ektar Sheet film… click on the audio logo to listen to a quick review… but in a nut shell, if you love Ektar in 35 and 120 you’re going to love it in LF.

My thanks to Don Ross in helping make this article possible.

Test image: Full size 24″ x 30″… crop represents a 4″ x 4″ section from the full size print.

Kodak Ektar 4x5 Sheet Film Test
Kodak Ektar 4x5 Detail Crop

6 thoughts on “Kodak Ektar 4″ x 5″ Film Test and Review

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Nice audio on the 4×5. I’m having a blast down here in AZ. I have several projects I want to discuss when you return from Paris.

    Have a wonderful trip. Best Regards, Don.

  2. Hi Stephen,I hope you are having a great day. The WX here in Euless TX is incredible.
    I shoot both field and view 4X5s and have for a number of years. I guess the best reason for awarding me the box of Ektar is, I’m 81 and still have some of the Kodak NC and may not live long enough to shoot it up and purchase a box of Ektar. All kidding aside I am 81 but plan on living much longer and taking a many more pictures.
    Take care. ————— Leland Smith

  3. Went to buy them in Amsterdam, but they are expected to arrive end of april in the Netherlands!
    So it gives me some time to look for a nice 4×5 camera!
    Will mostly use it for landscape and location and sometimes a portrait.

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