Inside Analog Photo Interview: Stop Your Crying and Start Your Buying

Click on the Inside Analog Photo LOGO to listen to an interview with yours truly on stop your crying and start your buying.
Interview by:
Scott Sheppard
Executive Producer/Anchor

2 thoughts on “Inside Analog Photo Interview: Stop Your Crying and Start Your Buying

  1. Just finished listening to it 😀
    Interesting points!

    Although I just want to point out that it would be interesting to remove the 10 pack films and just sell it by 50 or by 100. However, film companies might alienate students or people who really are in a budget. Buying 50 rolls of film here in the Philippines will just be very expensive so people really tend to buy by 10’s. I actually am putting my allowance money to buy more ektar film because it is just amazing but at the prices here it will be heavy to buy 50.

    Perhaps film companies can do away with a 10 pack, have a 50 or 100 pack for pro’s and heavy shooters while have 5 packs for students or starving artists 😀

    1. I would like to have the single roll or 10 rolls for most people but also have larger discounted “master pro” deals where you buy 50 / 100+ rolls and get a good discount like 20 or 25%….

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