LightMeter iPhone App by Ambertation Review

If you own an iPhone 3Gs this is a must-have application for every working photographer.

For additional information please visit:

Correction: in the video I mention that this app works with the 3G and 3Gs iPhone… I was wrong… it only works with the 3Gs which is what I have.

11 thoughts on “LightMeter iPhone App by Ambertation Review

  1. this is very interesting, the bad thing is I don’t think it works on the I phone 3G the web site specify it works for 3GS mmm not sure if somebody with 3G has installed it. I was wondering since the web site of the app store is not defined what is the largest aperture, is there something like f/125 or bigger, this could be very helpful for pinhole cameras.

  2. Cool, you made a review.

    I’ve send the same feature requests to the developer about a 3 months ago. They are working on it!
    Another thing I requested was a built in stopwatch for those long shutter speeds.

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