The Uncommon Deal Breaker

So the custom case I ordered from Uncommon arrived in record time and the printing is very, very nice. The design of the case is one of the best I have seen but there is a deal breaker… the case is too tight to use with my screen protective film. I have tried several types and they all have a tendency to bubble the clear film when the lower portion of the case is attached. This is a real bummer. I did try the case with Invisible Shield by Zagg installed on the screen and it worked fine but I really don’t like the feel or look of Invisible Shield so I took it off. I even called the folks at Uncommon to see if they had a solution and they said they were aware of the problem and  just recommended using the Invisible Shield as that seems to work with their case.

So where do this leave us / me… if you don’t use a screen protective film on your iPhone or if you use and like Invisible Shield and want a custom printed case then I’d give this case very high marks… but for my needs it is a real disappointment.

LightMeter iPhone App by Ambertation Review

If you own an iPhone 3Gs this is a must-have application for every working photographer.

For additional information please visit:

Correction: in the video I mention that this app works with the 3G and 3Gs iPhone… I was wrong… it only works with the 3Gs which is what I have.

The Tree that Crushed the Revolution

After last nights wind storm the FR is forced to go it slow for a bit as we wait for downed trees to be cleared, power restored and high speed cable activated again. In the mean time I will focus on “The Photographer’s Coffee Break”, the book and process some more film from my New Orleans shoot.

UPDATE: We’re back online and the heat is one so Viva la Revolution!!