2 thoughts on “Ready or Not Here We Come!

  1. received today from Kodak re. $500 film scanner:

    “Thanks for your inquiry regarding Kodak possibly manufacturing a $500 pro film scanner, based on the post in figitalrevolution. We’ve investigated the possibility with a number of colleagues.

    The truth is that in this challenging film/digital era, every product we introduce has to justify itself in terms of demand and, of course, sales. We’ve had elements of film scanning in Pakon and Creo scanners and in recent past the Kodak HR500 film scanner. All those scanners failed to generate enough interest to sustain the product line. So while doing what we can to keep the film process alive with our terrific film users and advocates, the film scanner idea isn’t feasible from us.

    Thank you for your interest and inquiry.


    Kodak Professional Technical Support”

  2. Epson makes some nice scanners. The V750 and V700 are the better ones. They are a good alternative to dedicated film scanners, which are getting harder to find. Look at all the Nikon Coolscans that have been discontinued!

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