The Current State of The Industry

Here are two interesting links sent to me by comrades here on FR… very, very sobering….

For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path –

One thought on “The Current State of The Industry

  1. Yes, but, Edward Keating, former NY Times photog had an excellent rebuttal on Facebook to the Times piece:

    The reporter misses the boat on this one by failing to mention how large corporations, especially the New York Times, have forced photographers to sign contracts that have seriously cut back on what they are willing to pay photographers and have forced them to give up important rights relating to resale, as well. In 1988, as a freelancer for The Times, it wasn’t unusual for me to shoot two or three assignments in a day, when I would get paid separately for each, allowing me to make $300-$400 on those days. I would then own all the photographs and maintain all rights to further use of those photos. Today, a photographer would get a flat rate of $200 for the day, regardless of how many assignments he/she did, and then all rights to further use of the photos would belong with The Times. In addition, the Times owns all digital rights to those photos. This was the foothold I needed as a young photographer, just starting out, and I never could…

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