Movie Review: Finding Vivian Maier

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Film Doesn’t Matter

Lately I am seeing far too many images praised, not for their quality, but simply because they are film based. Much as I love film, that pisses me off. I want to see great work get attention- film or digital- whatever!

Favoring film-based images simply because they’re from film strikes me as similar to the mistake that some shooters make when they assume a certain camera brand (did someone say Leica?) magically makes their images superior. Bottom Line… use the tools that help you make your work. Process is important but it’s not all-important especially to a collector or client… in the end people buy what they like.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Two From Yesterday

My wife Eve and I watched this movie last night on Photographer Bill Cunningham… it is available on Netflix Streaming and I am sure other venues… very enjoyable and yes he shoots film!

Also… Ilford Photo announced the release of a pinhole camera “system”… more info here:¬†

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Your Rights In Public Spaces

A very interesting video that illustrates a situation many photographers, myself included, have found themselves in from time to time.

Most photographers- and as this video illustrates security guards- are unaware of their “real” legal rights with regards to photographing in public spaces and being photographed in public. There are countless articles online regarding this topic but I have found this one (see link below) to be especially good… of course the law varies from country to country so do your homework first and then shoot with confidence.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Between The Folds

After watching this movie last night I knew I had to share it here with a few of my own thoughts…

1. I really love paper and the Origami in this video is amazing (some more so than others).

2. Listen to the creative language used by the Origami masters… simplicity, technique, does it look real / does it matter if it looks real, art with emotion… sound familiar?… it should if you listen here on FR or if you’re one of my students.

3. The voice of the narrator is a bit hard to listen to at times and it drags a bit, but in the end it is a video quite well done.

A definite watch for creative people.

Click on the LINK below to watch online at PBS…

I’m Not Going To Say I Told You So

Click on the audio play button to listen to this 13 minute discussion on the future of photography…

Link to referenced article:

Suggestions From the Revolution: Sex Lies and Photoshop

I received a suggestion from a reader here on FR that this video was worth a look. It speaks to several recent discussions here on FR (thanks Warren! Your FR hat will ship today!)… I think this video raises some very good questions.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Stan Lee


SEX, LIES AND PHOTOSHOP: Why magazines should let readers know if images have been retouched.

Let us know… what are your thoughts?