Your Rights In Public Spaces

A very interesting video that illustrates a situation many photographers, myself included, have found themselves in from time to time.

Most photographers- and as this video illustrates security guards- are unaware of their “real” legal rights with regards to photographing in public spaces and being photographed in public. There are countless articles online regarding this topic but I have found this one (see link below) to be especially good… of course the law varies from country to country so do your homework first and then shoot with confidence.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

5 thoughts on “Your Rights In Public Spaces

  1. You have a right to take pictured in a public space – and, conversely, people being photographed have a right to ask you to stop. (Yes, they do!)

    The interesting thing, in evidence here, is that there exists a popular perception that photographers’ rights to photograph in public places are not, despite the existing laws, automatic.

    That such people feel that you are acting unreasonably in photographing is, in terms of, “what are the acts of a reasonable man?” The very basis by which cases are judged and may very well constitute jurispridence if it came to Court; ie the law may well have to be changed.

  2. “Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right.” (
    Now, I’m not sure whether there were cameras around at the time of the US Constitution – or whether a photography clause was added later.
    Most governments just legislate such matters. Laws can change overnight.
    Since 9/11 governments are aware that terrorist plots involve photography of targets. Laws are changing. If photography counts as speech, then the 5th amendment may protect you in Court. Good luck.

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