The Uncommon Deal Breaker

So the custom case I ordered from Uncommon arrived in record time and the printing is very, very nice. The design of the case is one of the best I have seen but there is a deal breaker… the case is too tight to use with my screen protective¬†film. I have tried several types and they all have a tendency to bubble the clear film when the lower portion of the case is attached. This is a real bummer. I did try the case with Invisible Shield by Zagg installed on the screen and it worked fine but I really don’t like the feel or look of Invisible Shield so I took it off. I even called the folks at Uncommon to see if they had a solution and they said they were aware of the problem and ¬†just recommended using the Invisible Shield as that seems to work with their case.

So where do this leave us / me… if you don’t use a screen protective film on your iPhone or if you use and like Invisible Shield and want a custom printed case then I’d give this case very high marks… but for my needs it is a real disappointment.