Scanners The Achilles Heel Part 2

Click on the audio logo to listen to a brief rant on the future of film scanners… Part 2!! As mentioned in the audio, contact Kodak and let them know you want your $500 dedicated film scanner now! Also, if you went to a photographic institution- such as RIT (Rochester Institue of Technology) or SCAD (Savannah School of Art and Design)- please send this information to them as well… this directly effects the choices their students will have as working photographers.

LINK TO PART 1: Scanners The Achilles Heel

PS-Two great methods to let your voice be heard on this important topic:

Kodak CMO Jeffery Hayzlett on Twitter: @JeffreyHayzlett

Kodak Scanner Email Contact:

If you can, do both!…let your voice be heard!… remember it is our medium! Please reference this article and the $500 dedicated film scanner in both your tweets and in your emails… pass this along to as many photographers as you know…if you get it as a tweet… retweet it and pass it on!