The End Of Film? Or… The End Of Digital?

Click on the audio play button to listen to this 14 minute discussion on the future of photography by Stephen Schaub.


How Much Longer Can Photographic Film Hold On?

Traditional Camera Film Makes A Come Back

Something for the Holidays

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, Fourth Edition is a must-have for every serious photographer… period.  An earlier edition was a constant resource for me while at RIT and now this newer edition is my Xmas gift to myself this year… it is expensive but well worth it. It is quite thick and full of very useful content on just about every photographic topic imaginable from film to digital and beyond… and if the heat bills get too high this winter I can burn it to stay warm… or my wife could throw it at me to knock some sense into me or perhaps I could learn something about this wonderful medium we all love… either way it will be my constant companion for the dark winter months here in VT. Be sure to add this gem to your holiday wish-list today!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

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PhotoPlus 2010 Review and Why I Shoot Film Part 2

Click on the Audio link to listen to a review of PhotoPlus Expo 2010 as well as Part 2 in my series Why I Shoot Film!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Stuff On Display at Expo…

PhotoPlus Expo 2010... Models??
Listening to the Photo Evangelists

Manipulation: The World’s Second Oldest Profession

Click on the audio blog logo to listen to this 7 minute discussion on manipulation and how I feel photography should embrace it as a core belief rather than shy away from admitting something that is at the very nature of our medium. First, however, watch the videos below (full screen with your sound turned on if possible).

“Is it a brave new world? Or are we just now admitting something that has always been true: all photography at its core involves some form of manipulation.” -Stephen Schaub, Leader Figital Revolution

The Evolution of a Project – Part 2

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Central Park NYC #4, New York. 2009


The Evolution of a Project Part 1

Central Park NYC Images on

The Flip Flop Decade: The Last Ten Years of Photography

Click on the audio blog logo to listen to this 14 minute review of the last 10 years of photography from my perspective as a hybrid artist and where the industry is possibly going in the next decade.

To everyone I wish a safe and happy New Years and stay tuned for a new post in a few days.

Dust Cover for the Epson 9900 Printer

9900PrinterCoverIt drives me nuts that on a fantastic printer like the Epson 9900- which I recently purchased for Indian Hill Imageworks – that it does not come with a dust cover… the 7880 does, so why not the 9900. On my d’Vinci Fine Art Printer this is not an issue due to the horizontal paper feed but on the Epson printers the paper feed on the top is just asking for dust and dirt to make its way to your print heads. I run a very clean studio but dust, as any knows, is always a problem, especially in the winter months when the air has less moisture.

Solution…  Epson makes and starts to offer a cover for the 9900 (better yet would be to include it with the printer!) or I found on the web Digital Deck Covers who made a custom cover for my 9900 out of silver nylon for $179… not cheap, but if it keeps the printer clean than it is a sound investment in my book. Yes, I could have just put a nylon blanket over the printer at night or a large sheet of butcher block paper as I had been doing, but for $5,300 bucks plus ink, I think my investment in this cover make sense, and it looks nice when clients are in my studio.

Canson Baryta Photographique Review and Additional Thoughts


Here is a quick informal review of a new offering by Canson, Baryta Photographique 310 gsm… this paper exhibits many of the qualities of a air dried darkroom print but how does it compare to other Baryta papers tested here at Indian Hill Imageworks. Give a listen…

canson logoLink to information on Canson Baryta Photographique.