The Flip Flop Decade: The Last Ten Years of Photography

Click on the audio blog logo to listen to this 14 minute review of the last 10 years of photography from my perspective as a hybrid artist and where the industry is possibly going in the next decade.

To everyone I wish a safe and happy New Years and stay tuned for a new post in a few days.

5 thoughts on “The Flip Flop Decade: The Last Ten Years of Photography

  1. A very happy new year to you Sir Stephen!

    My new year’s resolution is to actually print more photos. Even my family noticed that they just post their digital captures of family gatherings in Facebook and whatnot, decided to have some shots printed in our local fuji shop!

    I do hope in the future that companies will notice that there is a market for film shooters who have a digital or at least incorporate a digital workflow. Most film scanners are expensive (or at least out of my price range) or just has a shoddy quality.

    Let’s just be wishful that the next decade will still have more use of film! 😀

    1. I have spoken with several companies about releasing an affordable high quality film scanner for 35mm and 120 (these are film companies) and they also see the need to fill this gap and it is something I hope to bring up again this year. For our family photos we have been trying the iphoto book as an easy way to organize our snap shots in print form and it allows us to engage our children in the design and editing process… it is fun but depending on the size of book it can be somewhat expensive.

      Have a great New Year!

  2. Nice listen Stephen and lot’s of truths & good sense as per usual.

    The “Film Scanner” is a potentially major problem I agree, there’s just such little choice for a new buyer. I mean, who for general amateur use could afford an Imacon for instance? I treated myself to an Epson V700 last year, and that cost enough, but as good as it is it is just in no way a proper solution for a film scanner – especially for 35mm. In many respects my previous el cheapo Plustek was better for that job. I’m just hoping that firms like Epson can realise the need and find the space in their catalogues to fill this much needed gap and produce a quality film scanner at a reasonable price but that will/would only ever happen if demand/sales hit the spot.

    Interesting what you said about your conversations with film companies on the above matter, I do hope that could be a possible solution and maybe more likely. All over the www I read lot’s of people saying they are returning to film – I really do hope they are because for the sustainability of film based photography something has to happen to secure it’s long term future.

    Thanks for all your efforts on FR this last year and I hope 2010 is EVEN MORE successful! 🙂

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