2 thoughts on “Holiday Message 2009

  1. All The Very Best 2-U in 2010 Stephen, and Keep Up The Great Work On This Site!

    I am a “new-bee” here, after recently discovering your site in a matter of just days ago.

    I have been involved with film since 1980; upon my beginning an apprenticeship in what ‘was’ the photo-lithography era of colour separation and prepress for high-end commercial printing.

    We worked in an extended Spirit of Collaboration back then; very different times from today in a commercial context.

    At 19 years of age (back then) I spent a lot of quality time in the most sophisticated darkrooms, with positive-pressurized (dust-free) environments, handling up to 30 X 40 inch orthochromatic and panchromatic films; working giant-sized cameras, vaccume contact frames, finely tuned and maintained film processors and also producing colour proofs for the Pros to evaluate and doctor according to their preferences before a job ‘hit press’.

    Almost 30 youthful years later… I am still at it, and now working from a hybrid lab environment that continues in the Spirit of the era I was so fortunate to have been tutored in –The Analog/Digital Cross-over.

    In 1981, we were (out of Toronto) already generating ‘digital scans’ using absolutely state-of-the-art German, Isreali and American systems in a hybridized manner! YES!…you heard it right! DIGITAL.

    It was rather ‘humbling’ to be in the company of such a talented group of professions, who literally ‘jammed out’ their projects together, and were of a breed that clearly thrived on-the-cusp of the revolution of the trade.

    I also came into direct contact with photographers of that era, and the interplay between them and the people ultimately responsible for the colour/B&W reproduction of their transparencies and films. The Prepress Department.

    The long and short of it is that I am enjoying your approach to this online project of yours, and I wish you all the very best with it’s continuation.

    May The Planets Be Aligned In Your Favour!


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