Dust Cover for the Epson 9900 Printer

9900PrinterCoverIt drives me nuts that on a fantastic printer like the Epson 9900- which I recently purchased for Indian Hill Imageworks – that it does not come with a dust cover… the 7880 does, so why not the 9900. On my d’Vinci Fine Art Printer this is not an issue due to the horizontal paper feed but on the Epson printers the paper feed on the top is just asking for dust and dirt to make its way to your print heads. I run a very clean studio but dust, as any knows, is always a problem, especially in the winter months when the air has less moisture.

Solution… ¬†Epson makes and starts to offer a cover for the 9900 (better yet would be to include it with the printer!) or I found on the web Digital Deck Covers who made a custom cover for my 9900 out of silver nylon for $179… not cheap, but if it keeps the printer clean than it is a sound investment in my book. Yes, I could have just put a nylon blanket over the printer at night or a large sheet of butcher block paper as I had been doing, but for $5,300 bucks plus ink, I think my investment in this cover make sense, and it looks nice when clients are in my studio.