Thoughts On Testing And A Quick Lens Review

Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2.0 SL-II and Nikon 45mm F2.8P

Click on the audio play button to listen to this 10 minute audio on real world testing and a quick review of Voigtlander Ultron 40mm F2.0 SL-II Lens vs Nikon’s 45mm F2.8P lens… real world!!

Something for the Holidays

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, Fourth Edition is a must-have for every serious photographer… period.  An earlier edition was a constant resource for me while at RIT and now this newer edition is my Xmas gift to myself this year… it is expensive but well worth it. It is quite thick and full of very useful content on just about every photographic topic imaginable from film to digital and beyond… and if the heat bills get too high this winter I can burn it to stay warm… or my wife could throw it at me to knock some sense into me or perhaps I could learn something about this wonderful medium we all love… either way it will be my constant companion for the dark winter months here in VT. Be sure to add this gem to your holiday wish-list today!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

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Focus and Depth of Field

Outlined in this informative video are 4 different techniques for accurate focus as well as a discussion on DOF (depth of field) as it relates to each method. Additional information is provided on off-center focus using a rangefinder camera such as a Leica M. Video length: 12 minutes 11 seconds.

LINKS Discussed in the video:

CORRECTION!…. on the section related to Hyperfocal Distance the quick example is not accurate for the 90mm lens I was using as an example. In fact, the actual hyperfocal distance for that lens is 40′ and not 20′ as mentioned and as such in the example I gave it would have a depth of field from around 20′ to infinity and not 10′ to infinity.

One final note: You will notice that I have not posted any sample images featuring the above described techniques- this is on purpose… go out and shoot a roll of test film! Determine what is your best working solution based on your sharpness needs and shooting style.

Leica 28mm F2.8 ASPH Distortion Test

OK, the proof is in the pudding or in this case the print… I shot this quick portrait of my wife Eve this afternoon in our front yard, had my sophisticated lab soup the C41 (Rite Aid) and I did a quick scan on the Imacon… the lens (Leica 28mm F2.8 ASPH) was focused at 3 or 3.5 feet at F 2.8 / F4 (I shot a variety at each)… distortion, what distortion?… seriously there is a bit of distortion but this is fantastic for a wide angle lens at this close of a distance… again 3 feet! The OOF rendering is also quite nice for a 28mm lens. Is the 28mm my new portrait lens?… NO, but it is nice to “see” that in a pinch or a very tight space it very well could be an option.  Film, Kodak Ektar of course.


Eve, Vermont. 2009
Copyright Stephen Schaub