Leica 28mm F2.8 ASPH Distortion Test

OK, the proof is in the pudding or in this case the print… I shot this quick portrait of my wife Eve this afternoon in our front yard, had my sophisticated lab soup the C41 (Rite Aid) and I did a quick scan on the Imacon… the lens (Leica 28mm F2.8 ASPH) was focused at 3 or 3.5 feet at F 2.8 / F4 (I shot a variety at each)… distortion, what distortion?… seriously there is a bit of distortion but this is fantastic for a wide angle lens at this close of a distance… again 3 feet! The OOF rendering is also quite nice for a 28mm lens. Is the 28mm my new portrait lens?… NO, but it is nice to “see” that in a pinch or a very tight space it very well could be an option.  Film, Kodak Ektar of course.


Eve, Vermont. 2009
Copyright Stephen Schaub

2 Responses

  1. Ricardo Zamarripa

    Steve, how well do you think Ektar does at rendering skin tones? Great picture! Are you still using Ektar at ISO 64?

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