Focus and Depth of Field

Outlined in this informative video are 4 different techniques for accurate focus as well as a discussion on DOF (depth of field) as it relates to each method. Additional information is provided on off-center focus using a rangefinder camera such as a Leica M. Video length: 12 minutes 11 seconds.

LINKS Discussed in the video:

CORRECTION!…. on the section related to Hyperfocal Distance the quick example is not accurate for the 90mm lens I was using as an example. In fact, the actual hyperfocal distance for that lens is 40′ and not 20′ as mentioned and as such in the example I gave it would have a depth of field from around 20′ to infinity and not 10′ to infinity.

One final note: You will notice that I have not posted any sample images featuring the above described techniques- this is on purpose… go out and shoot a roll of test film! Determine what is your best working solution based on your sharpness needs and shooting style.