Manipulation: The World’s Second Oldest Profession

Click on the audio blog logo to listen to this 7 minute discussion on manipulation and how I feel photography should embrace it as a core belief rather than shy away from admitting something that is at the very nature of our medium. First, however, watch the videos below (full screen with your sound turned on if possible).

“Is it a brave new world? Or are we just now admitting something that has always been true: all photography at its core involves some form of manipulation.” -Stephen Schaub, Leader Figital Revolution

3 thoughts on “Manipulation: The World’s Second Oldest Profession

  1. Nice common sense blog Stephen. šŸ™‚

    There seems to be so much criticism and hypocrisy around right now by even some photographers criticising others on various forums because they posted PP photos. Maybe they too are just plain naive to the facts that this has always been the norm as you indicated in the audio blog. If Ansel Adams had not manipulated his shots so much then frankly he wouldn’t be known today or held up as the genius he so obviously was. So what does it matter whether we are talking “dry” darkroom PP using Photoshop or “wet” darkroom PP using HC-110 ???

    The thing that also always amuses me is that over the years with film the film manufacturers have tried and constantly failed to the point of giving up in launching films with “real” and “lifelike” colours. Why? Because that’s not what people really want to see, films like Fuji Velvia, Kodachrome have been successful and loved because they too, just like PP, produce that different, alter, surreal image through exaggerated colours and tones.

    And the vidz, cgi they might be, but what an awesome piece of work!

  2. I spent a good five minutes thinking about where those buildings might be located so I could go photograph them. The second video wouldn’t load for me right away, so I listened to the audio and was blown away when you said it was CGI. That’s the most realistic CGI I’ve ever seen.

    Good points on manipulation and I think they could be applied outside of photography.

  3. Great piece of work. I’ sure Mr. Dali would appreciate it. Without any doubt, this is artwork for me and I respect any good digital work, be it still or moving images.

    But for me there’s nothing sexier than a 50 years old fully mechanical camera.

    There’s nothing not manipulated, even our eyes don’t show us the “reality”.

    Thank you for your constant inspiration.

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