The Economy of Art

The Economy of Art? Why, Money! Fame. Money. More Money!!


The Economy of Art in this case refers to the amount of art you show- or rather- how much you don’t show. Look at it like this: why show 30 or 40 prints when 20 is enough, and probably represents a stronger, more concise body of work…30 is sure to confuse your viewer. Ever wonder why most galleries want to see only 20 images or fewer for review?

1. It represents the maximum amount of time they are willing to spend on reviewing your work for consideration.
2. It tells the gallery that you know how to edit your own work and thus have an idea about what your work is about.
3. It keeps their editing focused on a tight body of work and helps them decide- fairly quickly- if you suck or not.

So keep this in mind when you are submitting work to a gallery or assembling a show of your works…LESS IS MORE!

And taking my own advice… Nuff said.

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