Click on the play button to listen to my quick review of this new camera bag by Filson / Magnum.


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HARVEY MESSENGER BAG next to my Billingham Hadley Pro Bag

One final note: the strap on the Filson bag is too short as it would be difficult to wear bandolier style in the winter with a heavy coat.

The Bare Bones Bag in Argentina

I always like to get email and notes from photographers who use information gathered here on FR or who use the products I make for their artworks… I just received this email and photo (see below) from Richard Selwyn… very cool… literally!

April 2009 Argentina Leica MP Ektar 100 052-2

Richard’s Email Text: A few photos for you from Argentina, Patagonia (ektar 100 film, 35mm lux or WATE).  We had a great time and your bag was amazing.  Was really harsh conditions – trekking in winter with some v bad weather.  The bag worked beautifully and was even  better because it is so light and hard wearing.  Thanks also for sending the bag through to me quickly.


Fantastic! Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Putting It All Together

Everything I post here on the Figital Revolution is- in one way or another- part of a test I am running for my own Artworks, or for a client at Indian Hill Imageworks. Over the last few months I have been testing the Olympus XA, the LOMO LCA, the Olympus XA 4, Kodak Ektar 100, alternative printing paper, perfecting my carry solution (BBB) and new methods for hanging artwork. Now it is time to put everything into action! I am leaving for Italy italianflagin a few days (note the Italian Flag) and all of the works and testing will finally get full use. Below is a new image I just made called Winter Leaves, Vermont. 2009. It is made using the Olympus XA 4 using an in-camera multi exposure, overlapping-negative technique I have been refining for the last few months. The film: Kodak Ektar 100…I am taking 40 rolls of it with me to Italy! The paper/ image: printed on an uncoated sheet of Arches Rough 22″ x 30″, 640 gsm as a d’Vinci Print (12 color).

Note: I am about to test a similar style paper with some different sizing properties made by Fabriano… since my new  artworks will be from Italy it only seemed right to look at Italian paper. Hey, they’ve been making paper for over 700 years… they have to be doing something right!

Winter Leaves, Pawlet, Vermont. 2009

Winter Leaves, Vermont. 2009
Edition size: One
Image Size: 25″ x 9″
Paper Size: 22″ x 30″
Copyright Stephen M. Schaub 2009

Install View

Installation View

Finally, I will be working on additional articles while traveling so get ready for new and exciting things here on FR once I return.





Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Confession of a Bagaholic

AudioBlog LogoOk, I admit it…I’m a bag (camera bag) aholic. Are you?This audioblog seeks to give an answer to this “condition” that plagues photographers everywhere. How should you carry your gear? Why do camera bags suck? What is the best way to carry your gear for travel photography?  All of these and more are considered and answered in this therapeutic audioblog. The images below are referenced in this audioblog so give a listen and let the healing begin. To order the bag seen below (does not include insert) call: Iomar Perez in Puerto Rico at 787.612.6862.

To order a Y Strap just click on the link.