The Financial Crisis: How Could it Affect Photography?

Everyone knows that the current global financial crisis is crippling many businesses- but it is possible that the photographic industry as a whole may come out of this painful situation better than it went in! Give a listen.

Let the Healing Beguin or Photography with a capitol P!

From the Figital Revolution Manifesto, the Book!Thoughts on the current state of the photographic industry (film, digital and hybrid) as well as suggestions for reclaiming the web and our industry for ALL photographers…we are all in this together!

Polaroid – The End of an Icon?

PolaroidJust in case you haven’t heard…that wonderful instant Polaroid material you’ve used for years is about to be no more! That’s right: Polaroid has announced that it will stop production of its instant materials at the end of this year. There have been rumors that Fuji and Ilford may be interested in the technology but to date nothing has, er, developed. Here is a link to a great interview from NPR on Polaroid and reflections by several artists who use this material for the artworks including Chuck Close. (Just click on the AUDIO logo.)

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Having worked with Polaroid materials for several of my own artwork projects from my Through A Glass Darkly series and Book, The Haiku Series, The Sakura Porfolio and my Encaustic Cycle as well as also being collected in the Polaroid Permanent Collections  as one of their featured artists I find this news of a once-great icon in photography closing shop very, very disturbing for the future of our creative medium.

Confession of a Bagaholic

AudioBlog LogoOk, I admit it…I’m a bag (camera bag) aholic. Are you?This audioblog seeks to give an answer to this “condition” that plagues photographers everywhere. How should you carry your gear? Why do camera bags suck? What is the best way to carry your gear for travel photography?  All of these and more are considered and answered in this therapeutic audioblog. The images below are referenced in this audioblog so give a listen and let the healing begin. To order the bag seen below (does not include insert) call: Iomar Perez in Puerto Rico at 787.612.6862.

To order a Y Strap just click on the link.


The Stupid Things Photographers Say: Part Two- I Will Never Print On Canvas

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Real “men” print on canvas. (Disclaimer: men is used here to refer to photographers in general and in no way am I suggesting that women can not be real, or photographers, or both.) That’s right… Canvas. Oh- so you don’t print on canvas because you:

1. Think that Canvas is not photographic?

2. Have the IQ of an ant?

3. Don’t understand what “photographic” means and thus have the IQ of an ant?

Give a listen to this audioblog by hybrid artist Stephen M. Schaub and release yourself from the tyrannical limits of your output media…

Lens Selection: In Search of the Goldilocks Lens

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What is the perfect focal-length lens, or the “Goldilocks” lens? And how many lenses do you “really” need in your bag? What are optical and performance considerations you should consider when selecting your lens arsenal? These are just a few points of discussion covered by Hybrid Artist Stephen M. Schaub. The conclusion of this audio blog also provides tools and procedures for helping determine your best lens trinity.