The Art Cycle

AudioBlog LogoDo you like morning or afternoon light? Are you a fall shooter or spring shooter? What is your editing process from capture to print? These are just a few of the topics discussed by hybrid artist Stephen M. Schaub, providing examples and suggestions on how to fine tune yourcreative process and better understand your Art Cycle.

Printing At The Speed Of Crap

AudioBlog LogoHow many prints can you make in a day using digital printing technologies? Now consider: how many GREAT prints can you make during that same time? Hybrid Artist Stephen Schaub discusses the pros and cons of printing fast vs slow and provides useful information on how to achieve optimum results with your printing platform.

What Makes A Good Printer Profile

AudioBlog Logo What is a printer profile? What is a good profile? Why do you care? This dynamic audioblog by Hybrid Artist Stephen Schaub gives a good foundation for the understanding of digital printing technology. Discussion includes gamut compression, profile neutrality, tonality and a description of different types of profiles and PSR (Print Surface Resolution).

Which is Harder…Digital or Traditional?

AudioBlog LogoYes, this is quite the stupid debate but it seems to be raging as strong as yesterday’s argument about which was sharper or more archival, digital or traditional. So buckle your seat belt and prepare to have your opinions challenged as I give you the correct answer…consider it my gift for the holiday season!

Scanner Resolution and Real World Numbers

AudioBlog LogoMaster Printer and Hybrid Artist Stephen Schaub explores many of the myths surrounding scanning film, both negatives and transparencies. How much resolution is really necessary? Oil vs dry mounts scans? 8bit vs 16bit and more. This informative audioblog provides a great general understanding regarding the process of scanning and it also provides tips and starting points for making YOUR best scan.