Print Surface Resolution…A Proposal by Stephen Schaub

AudioBlog LogoEver wonder how much resolution (dpi) is possible on a print? Not printer resolution, but rather Paper or Print Surface Resolution. This audio blog lays out a proposal by Hybrid Artist Stephen Schaub on a new approach for determining just how good your prints can be on a specific paper.

2 Responses

  1. Myron Gochnauer

    The basic idea of testing for print surface resolution is a good one, but involves a daunting number of variables. What is needed is something like an ISO standard that would set common ground rules — usable by manufacturers and independent testers for purposes of comparison (like film speed standards) — *and* a digital-age Ansel Adams to popularize a set of simple procedures for actual photographers to discipline and regularize the use of their personal combinations of equipment and materials (as we do for film speed and development). At the moment we seem to have neither ISO-like industry standards nor Zone-System-like techniques for learning and using “the craft”.

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