New Tmax 400 Box

Kodak IMHO hit a home run with the new TMAX 400. I’ve been testing the 35mm version- (the box says world’s sharpest 400… and it is!) and having now shot around 30 rolls of this film in Puerto Rico and tested a few more here in Vermont here are some initial thoughts (note- please be sure to click on the images to get a larger view):

1. I tried 3 different developers (D-76, XTOL and PMK… XTOL Straight wins hands down.)

2. True 400 speed in XTOL.

3. Extremely fine grain with a very, very nice tonality…MY NEW FAVORITE FILM!!!

4. I feel that the times posted by Kodak for this new film are pretty darn good- at least the Xtol processing time/ temp produces negs that scan perfectly.

Eve Full Frame

I have posted an example snapshot I took of my wife Eve Ogden Schaub of LIFE=ART while at lunch in Puerto Rico (my Pina Colada is just out of the frame). The image was shot on a Leica M7 with a Summilux 50mm F1.4 at F/2.8 (060 filter on lens). Be sure to check out the detail images as well as they really illustrate why I feel this film is a real winner (remember…this is 35mm 400 speed film!)

Eve EyesEve Right Eye Close UpOOF

The scan was done on our Imacon at 6300dpi, 16 Bit, Wet Mount. Printed at 16″ x 24″ on our d’Vinci Fine Art Printer it blows me away that this is 35mm. Go get this film NOW! This is a film we as photographers should support as it is fantastic (and how often can you say that these days?)

Please note that there is quite a bit of old stock TMAX 400 out there (I don’t like the old film at all)…the new version has only been out since Oct/ Nov 2007 and can be a bit hard to find. The box should have a red rectangle that says “World’s Sharpest !” The Catalog Number is: 894 7947…I purchased mine from a Calumet Store.

SanJuanCopyrightStephenMSchaub2008Here is a sample preview of my new artworks from Puerto Rico (These are from my Fragment Series). The image is 36″ x36″!

Viva La Revolution!!

Please note all images Copyright Stephen M. Schaub 2008

10 thoughts on “The New Kodak TMAX 400 Film – GET EXCITED KODAK IS BACK!!

  1. Seems to be a nice film. I will certainly try this as soon as it is available here in Finland.

    I understand that you used XTOL. Personally I have no experience with XTOL, but this fact will change also.

  2. Petri- I used Xtol years ago and only recently rediscovered it after 2 years with PMK (which I still like with certian films). This film TMY-2 married to Xtol (straight) in my opinion is a near perfect match.

  3. I used Ilford Delta 400 in 120 for quite a while as well (processed in PMK)…this film to my eye is a bit smoother…better would be a subjective judgement call as I don’t have a side by side but I’ve decided to make the New TMY-2 my everyday film, in my opinion it’s that good. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you try it.

    Viva La Revolution!

  4. What other developers will work well with this new film? I have not used xtol, and my primary developer is rodinal.

  5. At this very moment I have just removed my first roll from the developing tank.
    I use Ilford Ilfotec HC, which does a great job with Tri-x. This is both a test of film, film developer in combination, and the kodak Retina 1b, which I recently bought at a flea market in Germany, and am using for this series of tests. The colour film through this vintage camera came up trumps, now I need to have a look at the Tmax images shot with this folder.
    By the way, it is the same model used by Edmund Hilary to record the conquest of Mt. Everest, together with a Rolle TLR, in 1955!

    John Sampson

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