LOMO Instant Wide Review

Review of the new LOMO Instant Wide and a comparison to the cult classic Fuji Instax 500AF. This is the first in a multi part series on instant materials and cameras…

Sample Pictures: I chose a difficult mixed lighting situation to show the contrast range of the material and low enough light that the camera would choose F8. My focus with the LOMO is much better than using the default settings because of my focusing scale (see below) and even then it is not as crisp as the Fuji 500AF. All shots were on a tripod for maximum stability.

Note on changing film… I discovered that you can not change the film while on the tripod with the LOMO camera due to the tripod socket placement, on the Fuji 500AF you can change film while the camera is on the tripod.

One correction from the video… I mention that Instax Wide film is approximately $18 for 10 shots, that of course is the price for 20 shots. Also, I purchased both cameras used in this review and all reviews here on FR.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen



The Human Rangefinder

This instructive video provides a useful technique for making your very own, personalized rangefinder for the purposes of better focus accuracy with camera systems like a Rollei 35 and 35 S, Olympus XA 2, 3 and 4 as well as the LOMO LCA and Diana + camera systems… basically if you have to scale-focus your camera then this video is for you!


Human Rangefinder Card Generator

I would again to thank Thomas Achtemichuk for making this very cool photographic tool available! 

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique

Below find new artworks from my recent photographic trip to Italy. All of the images below were shot on an XA 4 using Kodak Ektar film. I am still scanning and editing my film and anticipate finishing this body of work in a month or two, at which time I will post a complete portfolio. No titles yet; just basic information with each image for identification purposes. The last image in the series however is a photograph of a finished printed artwork from this series and as such has additional information.

To view additional artworks made using this technique please view my A New Eden Artworks.

One last image made since my return and after figuring out how to do this technique on the Rollei 35… experimentation is key!

Sets of Trees, Bennington, Vermont. 2009
Copyright Stephen Schaub. 2009

How to Focus Your LOMO LCA

This short informational video provides useful information on how to get “in focus” images, or at least more of them with the LOMO LCA. Focus is over rated in my opinion but it is nice to know how to just in case!

Link to the DOF Chart referenced in the video:




“who the hell needs a video explaining zone focus? can it get any easier than this?”

Quote from a Flickr user who found this video (not sure if he watched it) and apparently found it revolting! I disagree completely that Zone Focus is easy, especially at first… fact is that most Zone focus camera users rely on many many rolls of experience or depth of field to get “sharp images”… this video points out a quick method to learn how to “focus” these systems (LCA) through visual memory and pace count.

Part 2 – Is Cross Processing or XPRO Dead?

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This is Part 2 to the post I made yesterday…more thoughts. A good sub-title for this would be: Process Does Matter!

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Diana Camera Film Loading Tip and Technique

Have you ever finished shooting a roll of 120mm  film in a Diana F+ Camera only to find the roll very loose (light leaks, anyone?) …I’m all for some light leaks now and then- part of the fun with the Diana- but a loose roll that was NOT intentional can be a real problem! Here is a super quick video blog on how to load 120mm film in a Diana F+ camera and KEEP the film spool tight! This video demonstrates a modification to the film tabs that has proven very successful in over 100+ rolls of 120mm  film pushed through my own Dianas!

Please note the video is high quality so it may take a few seconds to load.

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Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator


Shoot Diana on the 35mm back

As many of you know I have been working with the Diana F+ camera for some time now for my new series of artworks, A New Eden. In the course of making these works I have spent considerable time working out what I feel is a fast reliable exposure system for the Diana Camera and I have now decided to share the results…(drumroll please)… may I present the Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator. Each chart is a premium vinyl adhesive sticker that can be attached to your camera back or the top of the Diana flash and provides easy to read information for a vast variety of shooting situations for both ISO 100 and 400 speed films.

The Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator differs from the FREE exposure calculator I posted a few days ago, in that it gives the required number of shutter clicks at “N” (1/60th) on the Diana to make the correct exposure for each situation AND it becomes part of your camera (see photo) so there is no way to lose it or forget to put it in your bag… Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is really cheap? Christmas is coming, people!

For more information please visit www.shootdiana.com

or just click here.

Diana F+ Exposure Guide AND We’re Over 100,000!

First I’d like to announce that as of today- November 19, 2008- the Figital Revolution has had over 100,000 hits… Hot damn! Viva la revolution!!!!

Of course, while we are up- the DOW was down, waaay down. This might put a damper on anyone’s good cheer, particularly anyone considering retiring in the next decade, SO- I decided to brighten things up a bit and release a FREE Exposure Guide for the Diana+ and F+ cameras. Hey- these days something’s got to be free, right? The direct link is here:

FREE Diana+ and F+ Exposure Chart

Diana F+ Exposure Chart FrontJust add it to your cart (it really is free don’t worry) and checkout and you will receive an email with download instructions within a few minutes.

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