How to Focus Your LOMO LCA

This short informational video provides useful information on how to get “in focus” images, or at least more of them with the LOMO LCA. Focus is over rated in my opinion but it is nice to know how to just in case!

Link to the DOF Chart referenced in the video:



“who the hell needs a video explaining zone focus? can it get any easier than this?”

Quote from a Flickr user who found this video (not sure if he watched it) and apparently found it revolting! I disagree completely that Zone Focus is easy, especially at first… fact is that most Zone focus camera users rely on many many rolls of experience or depth of field to get “sharp images”… this video points out a quick method to learn how to “focus” these systems (LCA) through visual memory and pace count.

4 thoughts on “How to Focus Your LOMO LCA

  1. good advice.

    spending time to focus correctly is the number one thing people don’t do with lomos.

    i carry around a small tape measure to use when shooting, especially when trying to focus at 0.8m. in low light the depth of field is so small that to get a subjects eyes you need to have the distance accurate to within a few cm.

  2. Great idea! And I’ve been using zone focusing for digital for years, nothing beats actual use! And nothing beats measuring in units that you understand (i.e. steps) vs meters or feet which isn’t always easy to visualize.

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