Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator


Shoot Diana on the 35mm back

As many of you know I have been working with the Diana F+ camera for some time now for my new series of artworks, A New Eden. In the course of making these works I have spent considerable time working out what I feel is a fast reliable exposure system for the Diana Camera and I have now decided to share the results…(drumroll please)… may I present the Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator. Each chart is a premium vinyl adhesive sticker that can be attached to your camera back or the top of the Diana flash and provides easy to read information for a vast variety of shooting situations for both ISO 100 and 400 speed films.

The Shoot Diana Exposure Calculator differs from the FREE exposure calculator I posted a few days ago, in that it gives the required number of shutter clicks at “N” (1/60th) on the Diana to make the correct exposure for each situation AND it becomes part of your camera (see photo) so there is no way to lose it or forget to put it in your bag… Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is really cheap? Christmas is coming, people!

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