Diana Camera Film Loading Tip and Technique

Have you ever finished shooting a roll of 120mm  film in a Diana F+ Camera only to find the roll very loose (light leaks, anyone?) …I’m all for some light leaks now and then- part of the fun with the Diana- but a loose roll that was NOT intentional can be a real problem! Here is a super quick video blog on how to load 120mm film in a Diana F+ camera and KEEP the film spool tight! This video demonstrates a modification to the film tabs that has proven very successful in over 100+ rolls of 120mm  film pushed through my own Dianas!

Please note the video is high quality so it may take a few seconds to load.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Diana F+ Exposure Guide AND We’re Over 100,000!

First I’d like to announce that as of today- November 19, 2008- the Figital Revolution has had over 100,000 hits… Hot damn! Viva la revolution!!!!

Of course, while we are up- the DOW was down, waaay down. This might put a damper on anyone’s good cheer, particularly anyone considering retiring in the next decade, SO- I decided to brighten things up a bit and release a FREE Exposure Guide for the Diana+ and F+ cameras. Hey- these days something’s got to be free, right? The direct link is here:

FREE Diana+ and F+ Exposure Chart

Diana F+ Exposure Chart FrontJust add it to your cart (it really is free don’t worry) and checkout and you will receive an email with download instructions within a few minutes.

Viva la Revolution-