CineStill BwXX is Now in 120!!

Please click on the audio play button above for a 6 minute review of this amazing film now in 120 for the first time ever. Sample images below!


• Black and white negative film

• Variable speed (ISO 200-800) I’ve pushed to 1600 with very good results, but the sweet spot is around 400.

• 120 format!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Classic cinematic look

• Rich tonality

• Excellent sharpness 

One of a kind camera meets one of a kind film!

EveNSteve like this film so much we’ve already made an artwork using it. Click on the movie below to watch the one minute artwork film by EveNSteve:

There Are Forests In The Animals

Sample images!!!

As I mentioned in the audio above I really wanted to showcase the cinematic feeling this film has, but also show the creative flexibility that is possible. This is not a modern film, and that is a very good thing!

A few sample images below showing the packaging which is of very high quality and a little bit of camera porn….

In conclusion I think the images speak for themselves. How wonderful in 2021 to be welcoming a “new” B&W film to our world… 

Viva la Revolution-


PS— Processing Times in a variety of developers….

6 thoughts on “CineStill BwXX is Now in 120!!

  1. Steve, I’ve ordered some rolls to play with. this is exciting news.

    With the 35mm version i’ve struggled to find a developer whose results I like with this film. Was thinking that D-23 1+1 might tame the contrast with acceptable grain. Any thoughts?


    Michael Sebastian | Photographer

  2. steve I’ve got a question about scanning color negatives .When it comes to make a poster of a negative (20/30- 30/40 or 40/60) the lab said often that the resolution isn’t high enough.Is the use of software like NEGATIVE LAB PRO a helping hand in this fact ( together with LR and PS) .Thanks for the good information on Figital !

    1. If you scan at 2400 dpi you should be fine. Most printers want 240/300 dpi tho with some paper/ software combinations 480 is really quite nice. Having a very clean scan with good details and not over sharpened will easily interpolate 5-10X without issue. Even PS with their interpolation would be fine.

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