CineStill BwXX Film (Kodak 5222) Developed in Instant Coffee

So here are my latest results experimenting with CineStill film in Caffenol (instant coffee)… I am very happy with this combination! I have found the usable EI for this film-developer combination to range from 100-3200, all with one processing time, but the very best is around EI 640. This test image was made with my 1956 Leica M3 with a 1960 Leica 135mm Leitz Wetzlar Elmar at F5.6.

I’ve been continuously tweaking my Caffenol developer and developing technique over the past few years… I find it to be a very solid go-to developer for virtually any black and white film.

Viva la Revolution- Steve

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2 thoughts on “CineStill BwXX Film (Kodak 5222) Developed in Instant Coffee

  1. As always, excellent results, Stephen! You got my hopes up when I saw the post’s title. I thought you were finally going to divulge your secrets and share your personal recipe and developing technique. Ha! But it’s good to see you’re still using Caffenol and based on your post from the other day it appears you’re planning on continuing to share your experiences with it. I definitely look forward to future posts on the topic and I’m certain I’m not alone. Your early Caffenol work/testing was a big inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing! Take care.

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