Kodak Zi8 Review Part 3: Still Images and Final Thoughts

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Sample images from the Kodak Zi8 using the 5.3MP still camera mode in both macro and distance setting. Click on the audioblog logo to listen to my thoughts on using the new pocket recorder, features I liked, features I wish it had and my conclusion compared to my previous Kodak Zi6 and Vado HD.

Kodak Zi8 Review Part 2: Audio and Macro Features in HD


One of the big features of the new Kodak Zi8 that I found exciting was the macro mode as well as the ability to have an external stereo mic input in with record level adjustment. As far as I know the Kodak Zi8 is the only pocket video recorder that has both of these features as well as 1080p. The video posted here was recorded in 1080p using the macro mode and with both an external mic (see picture) and the internal mic.

I have also decided to show this video from two sources… Youtube as a HD and wordpress as a HD video… you decide which you like and you can switch back and forth from HD to non HD to see the difference. I have to mention that I was wrong about wordpress.com not allowing HD video as obviously it does… try both and see the difference as it is huge. The downside to HD is of course the file size… this short video is a 136MB file so the upload time even with high speed internet is quite long.

WordPress.com HD

YouTube HD

Stay tuned for Part 3…