Informal Review Kodak Zx1 HD Video Recorder

Here is a quick informal video review of the new Kodak Zx1 HD video recorder. I have used for videos here on Figital Revolution everything from a Canon G9 to the Vado HD and now the Kodak Zx1. I find devices like these are great not only for the obligatory family videos but also for use in documenting your photography… think of it like a video journal.

As I said in the video this is not the perfect pocket video recorder (I’m still looking) but for my works/ travels the weather seals, extra durability and 60 frames per second make it a good choice and at the retail price of $149 it is hard to beat.

NOTE: If you want to watch the video full screen be sure to turn the HD mode on (upper right corner of the video box)- for smaller play I find the standard resolution (HD OFF) is perfect.

As promised here is a link to a bigger review of the Kodak Zx1.