Kodak Zi8 Review- Introduction

Kodak Zi8 With Sony Mic Attachment

I’m about to start an extensive test of the new Kodak Zi8 which is due out next month. From my first tests this is a huge improvement on the Zi6 and perfect for my video recordings here on FR. One feature I love is the mic input with adjustable record level… this is huge as most internal mics are Mono and a bit noisy to say the least… so I got a little carried away.

Here is the rig I┬ámade using existing parts- a nice setup as I get a 90 degree and 120 degree stereo recording that when matched to the visual is a nice small package. My more in-depth review will be in a week or two but all videos from here on will be recorded on this setup… with and without the rather (ahem) phallic mic.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen