Kodak Zi8 Review Part 3: Still Images and Final Thoughts

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Sample images from the Kodak Zi8 using the 5.3MP still camera mode in both macro and distance setting. Click on the audioblog logo to listen to my thoughts on using the new pocket recorder, features I liked, features I wish it had and my conclusion compared to my previous Kodak Zi6 and Vado HD.

5 thoughts on “Kodak Zi8 Review Part 3: Still Images and Final Thoughts

  1. When in comes to fps, is the jitteriness that noticeable and problematic at 30p? You are already doing 6fps better than motion pictures. Is it better in dark conditions? It sounds like the problem may be in the camera making the shutter speed faster than it should in bright light instead of adjusting the aperture.

    1. Some of the jitteriness is due to the lack of image stabilization on most of these cameras… the Zi8 has Electronic Image Stabilization which really helps and is very easy to see when compared to other models and makers. At 720 60fps it is really quite smooth… the 1080p is nice but it requires a smooth hand to pan just the right way but with a bit of experience it is easy. Overall this is the best pocket recorder I’ve seen by a large amount.


  2. thanks for this great review ..
    im just having a little question ..it is concerning the quality of the still pictures since it is as important for me as shooting video ..
    so may i have an idea about the 5MPX camera ?? the photos are resized so i cant judge well ..
    also i want to ask if there is a flash or not ?

    thanks again .

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