Master of the Environmental Portrait: Arnold Newman Audio Interview from 2001

Click on the audio play button to listen to an hour interview with Arnold Newman conducted by my wife, author Eve Schaub. The interview was the source material for an article she wrote for PhotoVision Magazine back in 2002 featuring the father of the environmental portrait and his expansive photographic career. This interview has never been heard before anywhere and I am very happy to bring it to the Figital community.

Note from Eve Schaub: Holy cow, I sound young here. Although as a writer I had done interviews before, this was the first time I was speaking to someone we had actually studied in photo history in college! As far as I was concerned he was a living legend, and I was quite terrified. I’ll apologize in advance for the poor audio tape, not to mention all the nervous laughter.

But Arnold Newman was gracious, patient, and incredibly fascinating to talk to. There’s all kinds of great stuff here that never made it to the final PhotoVision article… including the story of how Newman’s wife used to smuggle guns for the Zionist movement, the untimely demise of Holiday magazine, and how the photographers went on strike for a year when Life demanded the rights to all their past work- and won.

Hope you enjoy it.

Eve Schaub is the author of Year of No Sugar (2014). Her next book is due to be released in January, 2017.

I have done my best to bring up the volume and equalize it as the original tape is all over the place.

Now Free! Figital Revolution Manifesto PDF Download

In celebration the revolution’s ten year anniversary, I have decided to post the Figital Revolution Manifesto book as a free PDF download. (The print copy is no longer available for purchase online.) Written in 2007 and admittedly snarky and over the top, I am struck by the fact that, despite so many changes in the industry, the book is entirely still relevant today! I want to thank my wife, Eve Ogden Schaub as my co-author… she has moved onto bigger projects like her book Year of No Sugar which went viral… and her next book is due out in January 2017 so stay tuned.

Book Link:


Viva la Revolution-



The Spectacle and not the Art

After watching this video of U2 playing in disguise in Grand Central I was immediately upset that it was not until it was revealed that they were U2 that the crowd really cared about the music. It was the same music, but now the spectacle had a name and value… kinda like when you go to see the $40 million dollar Picasso at a museum– are you going to see a Picasso or the $40 million dollar painting? For most people I feel it is the latter. I also find Fallon’s remarks about supporting local artists to be right on— if you want art in your life and community you have to support it, whether it is U2, or a local painter, art enriches our lives and makes life worth living.

Artists Supporting Artists: AMONG WOLVES Movie

Making a film is hard and costs lots and lots and LOTS of $$$$$. My RIT friend Shawn Convey has been working on this movie about Bosnian war veterans- and the wild horses they work to protect- for several years. He just needs a bit more cash to finish making it happen: I hope you will consider being a part of this effort on any level.

Support your local artist! Artists supporting artists is always a good idea!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen