Custom Instant Camera by Patrick Putze

Shooting with the camera in NYC

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is just how SHARP the lens is— really makes a huge difference when working with Fuji Instax materials.

To contact Patrick visit:


25 thoughts on “Custom Instant Camera by Patrick Putze

  1. I have two rangefinders with excellent viewfinders so was wondering how bright the double image focus zone is? Is it easy enough to focus? Love this video, I am getting my converted 110b at the end of this month. Thank you.

  2. Hi Stephen, like your work, especially the low-rez black and white dream-like shots (girl at glass house). I ordered and paid for a Pathfinder Instax camera by Patrick Putze but he doesn’t reply anymore since before Christmas. It’s 3 months and 2 weeks since I paid and I don’t know if I will ever see my camera??! In the offer it said 4-5 weeks. What do you think?

    1. I know you are fine— with the holiday everyone looses 10 days or so and I know He is moving to TX right now— happened VERY fast but again don’t worry– he is a very solid guy and you will get your camera soon I suspect—

      1. Thanks for the optimism, it worked. I received the camera now and it is great. Of course it is “worth the wait” but I would expect to receive a shipping confirmation and additional info when 5 weeks turn into 3,5 months. I also installed the voigtlaender meter, works well. Even in the impropable case of Fuji producing some kind of “FP-1 Instax” it wouldn’t have this long and brilliant 127mm lens and it would be even more expensive. So this is close to the ideal camera for me!

  3. I’ve also been wondering about my camera. I know he had a terrible 2017 and I hope he’s doing better. But I paid and sent him my camera April of 2017… and it’s August of 2018. Has anyone else been in the same boat? I’m sitting on a few cases of Instax and wishing I could shoot what you describe in this article.

  4. I ordered a camera in April 2017 and have still not received mine. I was promised it would be ready in June 2018 but still no camera and have no correspondence for over a month. I’m so looking forward to using one as I hear great things but can’t join to fun yet.

  5. +1 to someone who paid and is still waiting on a camera , surprised he would keep selling more if he has people waiting from 2017 , and I paid early 2018 , hopefully everyone at least receives a camera, probably a good guy but a terrible seller
    Beware if your thinking of ordering plan to add 50-100 weeks to quoted date apparently

  6. Patrick in his last post via his Facebook page stated that anyone with outstanding orders would receive their camera by end November 2018. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on my camera conversion from April 2017. One very disappointed photographer.

      1. I’ve been waiting since April 2017. I guess he’s had a rough couple of years, but I’m fairly resigned at this point. Seems like he closed his polaroid conversion page on facebook too.

  7. So sorry to hear that I am not the only one in this situation. I was supposed to receive the cameras in October, then December and I am still waiting. There are no replies to my emails. I hope he is ok.

  8. Has anyone who did not receive a camera from Patrick Putze received a response. I am also in the same boat as someone who ordered a camera in May of 2018 and, despite a couple of email messages from him saying “I promise it’s coming,” as of May of 2019 I have not received a camera and he has stopped responding altogether. He also closed up his Etsy shop. Incredibly disappointing.

  9. I am very shocked by the lack of response by Patrick. His camera is quite amazing and with a near perfect finish. Mine has seen selected use but I have in the past two years only used a few times as I seem to always shoot film more. As such I am considering selling mine which is perhaps one of the best Patrick ever did— also comes with an extra instax wide back (just in case) as well as a variable ND with a filter adapter for the lens—- if there is interest just contact me

      1. Let me look at my invoice— I am going to sell for exactly how much I spent but also throw in the extra New in box back and filter ring which he custom made and the Variable BW filter which I calibrates— the meter is not included —- will post $$ in a bit

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