Custom Instant Camera by Patrick Putze

Shooting with the camera in NYC

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is just how SHARP the lens is— really makes a huge difference when working with Fuji Instax materials.

To contact Patrick visit:


12 Responses

  1. I have two rangefinders with excellent viewfinders so was wondering how bright the double image focus zone is? Is it easy enough to focus? Love this video, I am getting my converted 110b at the end of this month. Thank you.

  2. Hi Stephen, like your work, especially the low-rez black and white dream-like shots (girl at glass house). I ordered and paid for a Pathfinder Instax camera by Patrick Putze but he doesn’t reply anymore since before Christmas. It’s 3 months and 2 weeks since I paid and I don’t know if I will ever see my camera??! In the offer it said 4-5 weeks. What do you think?

      1. Michael Petersen

        Thanks for the optimism, it worked. I received the camera now and it is great. Of course it is “worth the wait” but I would expect to receive a shipping confirmation and additional info when 5 weeks turn into 3,5 months. I also installed the voigtlaender meter, works well. Even in the impropable case of Fuji producing some kind of “FP-1 Instax” it wouldn’t have this long and brilliant 127mm lens and it would be even more expensive. So this is close to the ideal camera for me!

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