Confession of a Bagaholic

AudioBlog LogoOk, I admit it…I’m a bag (camera bag) aholic. Are you?This audioblog seeks to give an answer to this “condition” that plagues photographers everywhere. How should you carry your gear? Why do camera bags suck? What is the best way to carry your gear for travel photography?  All of these and more are considered and answered in this therapeutic audioblog. The images below are referenced in this audioblog so give a listen and let the healing begin. To order the bag seen below (does not include insert) call: Iomar Perez in Puerto Rico at 787.612.6862.

To order a Y Strap just click on the link.


Next On The Revolution!

During the next two weeks I will be photographing in the rainforest of Puerto Rico and surrounding areas. During this time I will be testing the new Kodak TMAX 400 (35mm) film and plan on a full report upon my return. Initial testing done by me at Indian Hill Imageworks indicates that this may be my new favorite film (best 400 speed I’ve ever seen)…amazing grain (almost as good as most 100 speed films) with a huge tonal range. Stay tuned!

 Viva La Revolution!!


By Stephen M. Schaub

I think I’m going puke. Scanning though my current issue of PDN I came across an ad for a stock agency proclaiming the end to high prices and fees. They promote that you can get an image with usage for as little as $1.00…That’s right! For the price of a value meal at McDonalds, you too can use one of these images to death.

The sad part is that the photographer (who is obviously an idiot for agreeing to these terms) can’t afford to go with you.