More Diafine Thoughts

Diafine Developer BoxSo currently in my JOBO CPP2 I am running Diafine full strength Part A and full strength Part B for 5 minutes for all BW films at rotation setting “F” which is around 40 rpm. After part B I increase the rotation to “P” which is around 80 rpm and keep it at that for the remainder of the process. My tests have shown that times around 7+ minutes in A/B can stain some films- yet  5 minutes in A/B at 75F seems about spot on to me and perfect for most scanning applications. The 1:1 development of Diafine decreases the shadow detail at higher EI… for example at 1:1 TX dies after about EI 800 whereas with the full strength process as outlined above EI 1600+ is very solid (note: box speed at 1:1 is about perfect- for box speed). With regards to streaking…. none, full strength or 1:1. An obvious advantage to full strength is that Diafine can be used over and over again for a lot of film where as the 1:1 is a one shot developer. I have personally used Diafine (1 gal A/B) full strength for well over a year without issue…. if it becomes a bit dirty just run it through a new clean coffee filter and presto! Perfect developer ready for more film.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

8 thoughts on “More Diafine Thoughts

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you very much for your abiding commitment to film and Diafine. It’s a pleasure to dive into your blog and absorb all the informations, notes and experience. Regarding film measurement and in particular Diafine, I am wondering how you determine the usable EI. Do you make use of a Densitometer? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    1. I have used a densitometer in the past ALOT but now find that a zone scale chart from 0-10 of a textured surface and then scanning the set provides enough info for a hybrid workflow… and Diafine does not allow for any + or – anyways. If I were working with Xtol or some other developer than Yes I would use a densitometer and do a full workup. Diafine is some great suff!

  2. Can you clarify/update something. In Sept 2009, you indicated your fav b&w combo’s were Acros/Xtol, TMY/Xtol & TriX/Diafine. Has that changed in last 5 years? Sounds like Diafine may be more prominent in your usage now.

      1. So your favorite b&w combinations today would change from Acros/Xtol, TMY/Xtol & TriX/Diafine to what?

  3. Hi, Stephen

    I have been thinking about a Diafine issue lately and I’m grateful for any advice. Using sufficient amount of developer is paramount according to experts (for example Anchell who advices 250 ml of stock developer per 8×10 sheet of film or equivalent. But does this apply to using Diafine? I use Jobo Expert tanks that take up to 5 sheets of 8×10 film. I don’t want to strain the motor on the Jobo CPA-2 and use a maximum of 600 to 800 ml of developer. Does this imply that I can’t develop more than 2 or 3 sheets per session? Grateful for opinions on this.

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