The Corrupted M7 Meets Kodak Ektar

Ah yes I had a bit too much time on my hands Friday… I just figured out a method for slipping film in my Leica  M7 using a similar technique I’ve outlined here for the XA and LCA camera systems… somewhere there is a German engineer grinding his teeth!

Early Spring, Vermont. 2009

Early Spring, Vermont. 2009
Leica M7 with 50mm Summilux F 1.4 Lens
In Camera Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique, 3X
Kodak Ektar Film
Printed 10″ x 25″ on Fabriano 640 gsm Rough, Hand Coated.
Copyright Stephen Schaub 2009

2 thoughts on “The Corrupted M7 Meets Kodak Ektar

  1. I love it Stephen, and it makes me want to figure out how to implement the same principles to my Yashica, as among other things I do want multiple exposures and partial rewinding of the film….

    I can only imagine the utter dismay of the unsespecting German engineer! This is heresy Stephen, and oh yes, YOU ARE disturbing the order of the universe, have you considered the possible consequences?


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