A Sustainable Future for Photography


The ninth installment of the One Minute Rant. Each audio is one minute or less* and focuses on a very specific topic to engage readers here on the FR to comment and start a dialogue! Just click on the RANT logo to listen.

  • Note: This Rant is a bit over one minute. 
  • Note 2: To all the nay sayers out there…this is not just some pie in the sky idea- it is one of the core ideas of this web site… I am sending this audio off to corporations I do consulting for in the imaging industry as well as Eastman Kodak… stay tuned or die!

One thought on “A Sustainable Future for Photography

  1. Stephen

    You have hit the nail right on the head with this rant..

    The one-time, up front, set-up costs for a serious amateur digital photographer that wants to control the entire process from capture to framed large-sized print (say 24×30) are astronomical, and simply untenable for all but the wealthiest amateur photographers..What is even worse than the up front costs just to get started at this level of control, is the glaring fact that a substantial portion of the digital hardware will be fortunate to last for a decade after its purchase..

    The degree of planned obsolescence built into even flagship digital photographic equipment (camera bodies, printers, monitors, computers, etc.) is simply shameful..

    $50,000.00 will barely get a serious digital photographer started when purchasing the best digital photographic equipment..And, make no mistake about it, the most expensive equipment will generally outlast the less expensive digital choices, but not always by all that much..

    In film days, if one spent their funds for the best professional equipment there was an expectation that the equipment would last for at least 2 decades, in many cases 3-5 decades, with only minimal periodic maintenance..

    Those expectations are pretty much gone as regards to even the best, most expensive digital photographic equipment..

    Digital photography needs flagship models from camera bodies through printers that are designed to higher standards with easily replaceable parts, or modules, that will allow the equipment to be repaired, or upgraded as needed for at least a 20 year period of time..With parts and consumables that do not end up costing the photographer many times the up front hardware costs to use and maintain the equipment..And, it would be really nice if this concept trickled down into some of the less expensive models..

    I do not see any other way to get the insane prices for digital photography under control..


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