Scanning, Color Mangement and Photoshop…The Diafine and TX Sage…Part 2

As promised here is the next installment in the ongoing exploration of Diafine Developer and TX. In these videos hybrid artist and master printer Stephen Schaub (The Leader) discusses scanning techniques, color management considerations and Photoshop techniques to maximize your Diafine processed TX negatives!! (Please note that due to a time limitation on Youtube the video has been broken into two parts so be sure to watch BOTH videos!!)

Video ONE

Video TWO

Stay tuned for part 3 of the Diafine and TX saga early next week on the Figital Revolution!

Resource Links

Noise Ninja

Pixel Genius (Photo Kit Sharpening Software)

Kami Scanning Supplies

Ergosoft High Fidelity Inkjet RIP Software

Eizo Monitors

Viva la Revolution!!

13 Responses

  1. anon

    Hey genius, if you work in a wider bitspace, why wouldn’t you work in a wider color space also? You always reduce for output regardless…

  2. Mike

    Do you typical convert to grayscale prior to printing or do you save the final final as RGB? I’m fairly new to scanning black and white negs (primarily Tri-x) and to date I have not printed any yet; I just post them to Flickr. But I am interested in printing so want to learn the best workflow for black and white.
    Great site – thanks.

  3. There’s some great information on the “blue turns purple” problem at Bruce Lindebloom’s website:

    If you want to maximize dynamic range and the white balance in your image isn’t perfect, you can do highlight recovery to get free highlight detail.
    (Shooting RAW and doing highlight recovery is the way to go, but I don’t think those tools are available for non-RAW files.)

    Hope that helps.

  4. Lewis W

    Er, this may sound really basic but I’m very confused about the monitor/scanner/printer profile software and colorimeter/spectrophotometers out there. I’m not a professional but am very unhappy with the output from my R2400 using a Mac Pro [10.5.6] and a BenQmonitor/Wacom Cintiq and CS4/PainterX. Can you point me in the right direction without breaking what remains of my piggy bank? I’m trying to get good color 8X10 and 13X19 prints from scanned Ectachromes, digital photos and computer-generated artwork. Lastly, I’m commited to making a go of all this but feel out of my depth in the digital color management area. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

    Lewis W

  5. Lewis W

    Thank you for the information.

    I run a ‘wet-paint’ operation for which material costs alone are sinus-clearing.

    The digital area is a new and mandatory business direction and this is the origin of my ‘out-of-depth’ comment.

    Yes, I’ve priced Rip software [Onyx] and that was the cause of the “piggybank” comment.

    My V-750 Pro [Epson] came with a 2.6 version of MonacoEZColor which includes IT8 reflective and transmissive targets: Will these along with the inexpensive colorimeter you mentioned put me in the ballpark {for the scanner, at least}? And how do you feel about consumer hard/software pkgs like the ColorMunki?

    Again, thanks a million for the help.


  6. Lewis W

    I will pursue the Silverfast idea. Someone came by with a ColorMunki Create colorimiter and software pkg for calibrating the monitors [the Wacom as well]. Pretty pictures but still not helpful with the output. Anyway, I think I have enough to get going. Looks like a tougher deal than I thought.

    Thanks for the help.


  7. Aaron

    Stephen, any chance you might refresh the videos? The links show as broken in December 2015.
    I realize 2008 is a long time ago in the age of the internet but there are still a few of us out here, the faithful, like yourself who are seekers of truth, shooters of film and are grateful for any crumbs the more experience among us might pass down.
    Thank-you for the consideration.

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